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Internet Platform for Dutch Migration


Duration: 2008

Status: Currently Archived

Partners: Canadian Museum of Civilisation, Quebec, & Dutch Embassy in Ottawa


In 2008 CIE developed a research proposal to create an internet platform containing information on Dutch immigration to Canada. The intention was to document their stories and bring them together in a central, accessible platform, which also makes use of stories, photos and films. Through combining these stories with artefacts, online exhibitions could then have been created. This platform was intended to become a rich source of information for use in both research and as accessible information for those second and third generation Dutch-Canadians who wished to discover more about their roots.


The information on the platform was intended to become the asis of an online and eventually physical exhibition at the Canadian Museum of Civilisation in Quebec. The platform would hold stories, photographs and films about Dutch migration to Canada, which is similar to what was achieved by the DAAG Project in Australia.


Several meetings were held in 2012 to discuss the future of shared migration heritage between the Canadians and the Dutch, and it is expected that this will continue to be an area for cooperation in heritage.


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