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CIE is managed by a board of directors as a non-profit NGO. The board are not paid for their services or their time, so we are very grateful for all the effort they put in to making CIE a successful and fruitful organization. The board meet four times per year with the Director.



CIE Board Members and Director

Robert is the  Chairman and  Research Associate of CIE as well as an Associate Professor at Leiden University and Visiting Professor to New York University Abu Dhabi. He holds a doctorate in the History of European Expansion from the University of Amsterdam. Between 1998-2005 he was curator of the Amsterdam Historical Museum. He managed the culture and development programme in the Bay of Galle, with the Avondster Project, through which he trained and established a Maritime Archaeological Unit in Sri Lanka. In 2005 Robert established CIE and  for over a decade acted as its director....

Albert  van Nunen Karioen is a researcher in the field of international rule of law reform. With specific focus upon police reform, his interests and expertise covers transitional justice, human rights and criminal justice reform with respect for international human rights standards. 

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Charles van Schelle is a former managing director at ABN AMRO bank NL and he's currently managing director at Van Lanschot Kempen.

Board Member

Biljana coordinates our research group which stimulates academic study concerning heritage questions surrounding Heritage and Conflict, National Museums, World Heritage Sites and development through culture. Until 2015 Biljana was coordinating all activities relating to the Afghanistan Program for Culture and Development. Biljana is also a PhD student at Utrecht University. Her current research investigate the potential of culture in bringing social and political change in society on one side and the social and civil movements that emerge as reaction to oppressive cultural politics, on the oth...

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