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CIE News and Events 2011



Annual Report 2011


Our Annual Report for 2011 is available to download and read here. It contains all the information on our organisation and work for the year 2011. 

AAHM Inaugural Conference, Philippines

8th-12th November 2011

CIE organised and conducted a session at this Inaugural Conference on Underwater Cultural Heritage in association with the Hong Kong Underwater Heritage Group. This revolved around empowerment and relevance in maritime and underwater cultural heritage programmes in developing countries. 

Event: Cosmopolitan Routes/Roots

2nd-4th November 2011

CIE participated in the Round Table discussion 'Current Trends in Global Heritage Management' organised by Leiden University. In this panel the crisis in world heritage management and development of alternative forms of value attribution at UNESCO were discussed. The alternatives of 'mutual heritage' often developed against the background of colonial relationships, and the 'corporate turn' in governance, which can lead to multinational companies putting forward their own heritage  guidelines. 

IKUWA- 4th International Congress for underwater archaeology

28th September-2nd October

This international congress for underwater archaeology was organised in Zadar, Croatia. The International Centre for Underwater Archaeology was established under UNESCO's auspices. The theme concerned the management of underwater cultural heritage, CIE and SAHRA (South African Heritage Resources Agency) presented a paper 'Who gives a Damn? Developing relevant tools for the management of maritime and underwater cultural heritage 

Identification Mission, India

Autumn 2011

CIE visited India to identify local partners for the Heritage Day to be organised in 2012 and meet with stakeholders in the two regions of India where most projects relating to mutual heritage are executed; Kochi in Kerala and Chennai in Tamil Nadu. 

Heritage Day India

21st October 2011

Heritage professionals working with and in India came togeher at the National Archives in the Hague the exchange experiences and knowledge on projects relating to Indian-Dutch heritage. 

Heritage for Teachers Day

25th August 2011

This event took place in Kholm at two different Secondary Schools, an event to give local teachers more tools through which to teach children about the heritage of Afghanistan. 60 male and 54 female teachers participated in the event. 

CIE Accredited as Official Collaborator with UNESCO

11th July 2011

CIE was inducted by UNESCO Director General Irina Bokova as an international NGO working in official relations with UNESCO. CIE was granted UNESCO collaboration and consulation accreditation to work with the Convention for the Protection of Underwater Cultural Heritage 2001.


Maritime Archaeology Field School, Guam

July 2011

A Mutual Underwatter fieldschool was organized in Guam. The fieldschool was a NAS Part 2 Survey Project in which participants needed to implement a non-disturbance site survey and compile a report. 

Conference; Tang Treasures and Monsoon Winds, Singapore

18th-19th June 2011

CIE participated in a conference associated with an exhibition of artefacts recovered from a shipwreck off the island of Belitung in Indonesia. The aim of the conference was to debate different approaches used in  maritime archaeology, between UNESCO sanctioned actions as commercial salvage approaches. CIE presented its experiences working in capacity building programmes in line with the UNESCO conventions. 

Heritage Day Brazil

15th and 17th June

Two Heritage Days were held in Brazil to reaffirm and reframe the historical and contemporary heritage ties between the Netherlands and Brazil. These took place in Sao Paulo on the 15th and Recife on the 17th June. 

Cultural Heritage Connections Platform Launch

21st June 2011

As part of our International Cooperation event, over 100 heritage professionals attended the launch of the Cultural Heritage Connections platform on Mutual Cultural Heritage

Sub-Regional Meeting on UNESCO Convention 2001

28th-29th April

A workshop of representatives from 9 countries from sub-Saharan Africa and the Western Indian Ocean Region met in Dar es Salaam with representatives from UNESCO and CIE to discuss the ratification of the UNESCO Convention and the protection of Mutual Underwater Cultural Heritage Sites. 

Training Workshop, Zanzibar

April 2011

A training workshop was held for the members of the Tanzania MUCH team, conducted at the Zanzibar House of Wonders Museum. 

Robben Island Field School

January-February 2011

A Fieldschool in maritime heritage took place at Robben Island. The participants built upon the work of the 2010 fieldschool with surveying the 'barrel wreck' shipwreck. Heritage Management was added as a new element and the group also had to develop a proposal for a walking trial on the island. 

Inventory; Australian-Dutch Cooperation Project

January 2011

In January CIE began the Australian-Dutch Heritage Cooperation Project. This included a large-scale inventory of heritage cooperation between the two countries. This aimed at higher visibility and coherence with the activities currently, as well as creating a 'road-map' for future events. 

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