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Projects with the Dutch Caribbean Islands


Inventory on Built Heritage and Archaeology


Status: Complete

Duration: 2009



In the February of 2009 a representative from CIE visited the islands of the former Netherlands Antilles to begin creating an inventory of the cultural heritage network and the collaboration between the Netherlands and the Dutch Caribbean Islands. Whilst there our representative also attended the conference 'De West-Indische Compagnie. wat zij Kwamen Halen en wat zij Kwamen Brengen', on the island of Curacao. This was organised by the MOWIC Foundation for exploration and conservation of monuments relating to the WIC, and Kura Hulanda. The results of the inventory were all incorporated into the Cultural Heritage Connections Platform, which was built by CIE, now managed by Dutch Culture. 


Expert Meeting: A Shared History- A Shared Past


Status: Complete

Duration: 2008

Partners: Dutch National Restoration Fund (NRF)


'A Shared History - A Shared Past: Monument care in Development on The Netherlands Antilles and Aruba'.


On the 9th December 2009, in cooperation with the National Restoration Fund (NRF), CIE organised an expert meeting concerning monument care, public housing and spatial planning on The Netherlands Antilles and Aruba. One of the goals of the meeting was to provide further insight into the existing cooperation between the Netherlands and local partners on the islands, in the field of built heritage, integrated conservation and public housing. This event would also provide the opportunity to discuss opportunities and possibilities to strengthen these cooperations. The meeting began with three inspirational introductions. This was followed by group discussions focused upon the development of more coherence between monuments, historical structures, public housing projects and tourism on the islands, as well as further investment into capacity building and knowledge exchange.



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