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Susanne Annen

Senior Advisor to Afghanistan Ministry of Information and Culture


“In 2006, when the Musée Guimet in Paris organized the exhibition on the “Bactrian Treasures”, Germany decided to request as well for the show, to put it on display in the Art and Exhibition Hall of the Federal Republic of Germany, where I am employed as an exhibition director.

I was asked, if I could imagine coming to Kabul to work as an advisor for the MOIC with the focus on the National Museum and I loved the idea. I arrived in Kabul in 2010 contracted at the Ministry of Information and Culture as an advisor to the ministry. My work at the MoIC was focused on the National Museum of Afghanistan. And luckily it happened to me that my office was located at the National Museum where I worked all the past years very closely with Dr. Masoudi and his staff at the National Museum. Dr. Masoudi who dedicated his life to the National Museum and the protection of the cultural heritage of Afghanistan is not only a very experienced expert in the field of cultural preservation; he as well became a godfather to me. Without his help and the support of the staff of the National Museum as well as the cooperation of the international community of people working in cultural it would not have been possible for me to work in this country. This is an outstanding exhibition and the most impressive show I have ever put on display.”

Susanne went to Kabul in 2010 as an integrated expert sent by the International Centre for Migration and Development (CIM) in Frankfurt am Main. As an exhibition director, she had previously overseen the travelling exhibition “Hidden Treasures from the National Museum, Kabul”. Through this role, she gained years of experience working with the Afghan Ministry of Culture before the Minister asked for her help in reconstructing the Afghan museums, which were in need of trained experts who had experience with the structured implementation of projects. She acts as the Culture Minister’s right-hand woman – as well as his interface with foundations, embassies’ cultural affairs officers, and directors of exhibition projects. She exchanges ideas with them about current projects, the use of funds, areas of need and project proposals. She conceptualizes and organizes exhibitions, collections and excavations together with architects, archaeologists, art historians and exhibitors. The Minister of Culture and the Director of the National Museum make decisions in close consultation with her and often ask her advice.


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