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Activities with Vietnam


Vietnam Archaeological Survey- Locating a VOC Stronghold around Domea

Status: Complete

Duration: 2007-2008

Partners: Vietnam National University in Hanoi


CIE were requested to undertake a historical and archaeological survey of some alleged Dutch remains known to be lying around the Thai Bin Estuary in Vietnam. In May 2008 a team from CIE and from the National University of Hanoi joined forces to complete a historical desk analysis study and non-destructive archaeological field research around the estuary area, looking for evidence attesting to the presence of the Dutch here. 


CIE presented the results derived from the desk analysis and archaeological investigation, as well as highlighting

innovative methods regarding non-destructive archaeological research at the international workshop ‘Four Centuries of Relations between the Netherlands and Vietnam’, held at the Vietnam National University in Hanoi. 


Following this workshop, the team moved on to perform a survey and archaeological coring activities around Domea.


This work took place at a number of locations:

Pho Hien (Hun Yen Province)

River Systems in Hai Phong

the site of An Du (Khoi Nghia Village, Tien Lang District of Hai Phong)

the site of Tram Khe (Tien Cuong Village, Tien Lang District of Hai Phong)


This survey contributed valuable insight into the importance of Domea in the 17th Century. In fact Domea should not be considered as a specific site, but in fact as a complex of sites. This only highlights the fact that further comprehensive and interdisciplinary research is needed on Domea, and the sites along the Do Mia River in Tien Cuong village and Dai Thang village also require research and excavation in order for us to learn more. These sites have real potential to provide insight into the commercial aspects of the area, but also the cultural acculturation and socio-economic transformation of this area during the 17th Century. 

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