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CIE is an internationally orientated organization which strives to inspire and foster co-creative heritage activities and research across the globe. Our work is focused on creating platforms for discussing the multi-layered nature of heritage, and on practical and academic approaches towards community involvement in their heritage. Our Mission is to facilitate multidisciplinary cultural heritage projects, to encourage and develop skills and capacities, and to move beyond the Eurocentric origins of the heritage industry. We aim to serve as a catalyst for cultural heritage development worldwide.

CIE  Events

2023 COP 28 & Oceans 

This year we worked hard on the events at COP28 and preparations for the One Ocean|One Heritage program in 2024



Summer 2022

CIE's team members are going to Zanzibar, Tanzania to reactivate the global network of partners post-Covid 19. Stay tuned for more project details. 



Spring 2022

Director Robert Parthesius represented CIE in the UNESCO/UNITWIN Network meeting, held in Kemer, Turkey. The discussion was on Mobilizing Civil Society and the Scientific Community for the Cultural Heritage of the Oceans and UN-SDG 14.



Winter 2021

Our World Heritage CIE is leading the theme "Opening Up to Civil Society" by organizing numerous workshops, discussions and outreach activities. This theme revisits the old and new meanings of civil society, and its participation in heritage governance.

24 Nov. Workshop Global Oceans - Mapping Maritime Connections.

Launch of OurWorldHeritage Podcast - a project that stems from the ambition to portray heritage in the most intangible way: via sounds and words. In partnership with radiomakers Jesper Buursink and Eli Guerrero.

Summer 2020

The Golden Harvest a feature film highlighting the importance of food to our heritage and identity, in this case olive oil.

We are delighted to announce that the film will be in competition at Food Film Fest in August in beautiful Bergamo, Italy. Stay tuned for specific dates and times on the new food and heritage blog




Spring 2020

Jonathan Sharfman and Robert Parthesius finalized the NAS II training for a group of New York University Abu Dhabi Students at part of their class 'Shipwreckes and Seascapes' .




Lost Temporalities and Imagines


by Biljana Volchevska


Fall 2020

Upcoming Screenings,  The Golden Harvest:

Toronto Food Film Festival (Canada), Official Selection, 2020: 16-25 October

Boston Palestine Film Festival (USA), Official Selection, 2020: October


Upcoming Publication: The Development of Maritime and Underwater Cultural Heritage on the Historic and Arabian Trade Routes. edited by Robert Parthesius and Jonathan Sharfman (Springer Publishers) 


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