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United States of America

Historical Background

In 1609 a sailor in service to the VOC, Henry Hudson, was searching for another sea route to Asia when he cam across the island of Mana Hatta. It was an attractive post for the Dutch as tobacco, timber and animal skins were all easily acquired, as well as the fact that it provided a safe harbour for any ships travelling to the colonies in South America. 


The Dutch spent over fifty years building up the settlement at Manna Hatta, naming it New Amsterdam. Trade blossomed and the port became a popular rest stop for ships, encouraging a cultural melting pot with various nationalities stationed there. However in 1664 the Dutch and the British exchanged colonies whilst settling a dispute. The British obtained New Amsterdam from the Dutch, renaming it New York, in exchange for Suriname.


Our work with the USA relates to our core theme;  Research and Academic Cooperation


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